The Painter’s Playground

The Painter’s Playground is an exercise in artistic expression and community art collection. This title was built with creation and collection aficionados in mind and offers a game-based playground to craft and collect 2D artwork and share it with the online community. With slow-burning clicker-inspired progress, you will be peeling away layers for dozens of hours. Beyond that, strive to either be the buzz of the arthouse as a creator of sought-after works, or own the most coveted collection – or both!

  • Create works of digital 2D art using a multitude of tools, paints, and canvases. Gain recognition for your efforts through the online community through ‘thumbs up’ artwork appreciation votes and/or selling your work.
  • Manage your own gallery to ensure you have the most coveted collection of curated works; buy, sell, and vote on community-created works of art.
  • Earn Renown (XP) through painting idle clicker-style, and Bits (money) from gallery sales. Spend these currencies on permanent upgrades, a variety of canvases, new painting tools, paints, custom in-game menus, votes on your favorite paintings in The Community Harbor, and much more.
  • Invest Renown into progressing through 50 levels as a career artist. The achievement and unlock system caters to creative gamers that enjoy a slow-burning ‘lifestyle’ game.
  • Enjoy the beautiful hand-made oil painted landscape.
  • Explore The World is Your Oyster mode to paint with absolutely no limitations.

The Painter's Playground


Russell  Murray; Lead Artist

Russ is a painter from a small town in the heart of Pennsylvania. He believes that art says things that words cannot. Art makes you laugh, cry, think in ways you haven’t before, and takes you places. For these reasons he believes art is important to the development of each human being.