Soft Beta Party!

Well we had our first public sharing event. It was wonderful! Great company, food, and fun. The still life contest really helped keep things focus and was just oh-so fun to watch on the television. We actually managed to get enough screen capture footage to build a teaser trailer (coming soon).

Here is the still life:


…And our winner was Michelle!! Fantastic job:)


Everyone seemed to have a good time giving a-go at painting the still life. The Wacom tablet proved to be a hit. We were glad to have had that there to test out.

…And we had such a glorious cake!!! A very very big thank you to Brandan Gray for once again pulling out all the stops to deliver such a special custom cake for the event. Absolutely beautiful. While there were eight highly detailed mini canvases surrounding the painting (all with video game art), I’ve showcased a couple that were from previous posts of actual art from the community database in The Painter’s Playground.

All-in-all, I don’t think we could have asked for a better experience. We got great feedback and some fantastic ideas, too. Thank you all who participated, and we will see you at full launch!

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