Still Life Contest

We are gonna try something kind of interesting for the live soft beta (actually alpha 9) party. We will have a contest of sorts. A  still-life will be set up and people will be given 30 minutes to do their best.

I’m going to record/screen capture them doing this, and will try to create a trailer with the sped-up footage. We’ll see! I think it’ll be cool. Or at least it sounds like a good idea in my head.

And the winner will get to keep the still life.

Early Art Work


With the soft beta release just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of the very early user-created artwork hanging out on the database.








Hopefully all the artwork that gets added this weekend puts our efforts (shown here) to shame! Yay!

Soft Beta Public Release!

Hello World!

Just a note that Saturday, September 16th 2017 will be the soft beta release of The Painter’s Playground. We are hosting an IRL party to celebrate the event with a group of regular Indie-Game-Saturday attendees to celebrate the event and get feedback. Another major goal of the event is to get a jump-start on filling the online database with user-made art.