All Builds Updated

Change log:

` added new graphical help screens
` added some new Help screens for canvas selection and gallery close-ups (text only at this time)
` added a “Help” button in lower left, same as F1 key
` added “Are You Sure?” to crafty merchant purchases
` you can now start painting when the brush is off the canvas (for getting just a touch on the edge with a large brush)
` added some visual effects
` completely remodeled the level-up system, to include many more character levels, and space out the rewards.
` giving a painting a Thumbs Up now cost 3 Bits.
` voting on 3 paintings gives +1 renown per second for 12 hours.
` you can no longer vote / thumbs up on art that you own
` included 2 new steam achievements: lifetime renown earned and total votes cast / thumbs given. MORE TO COME!
` added new Showcase and For Sale boxes to your gallery
` fixed some issues with favorite colors being transferred between painting modes.
` fixed some issues with the tutorial. If you are STUCK in the TUTORIAL, press the SPACE BAR!

` changed the starting canvas (default) back to pure white. “realistic” will be a “setting” in future.
` fixed an undo error that switched data between different game modes.
` put the revised “water color brush” in the game.
` the game will now send you a welcome email when you create an artist identity.
` if you remember the artist name and email address you used, you can get an email of your password !
` leaderboards now show your score even if you are not in the top 10

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Happy Painting!

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