Beta 2 Now Available!

Head on over to our page to download the latest version!

Remember the ‘demo’ is still the full version at this point. *Lots* of new stuff here gals and guys.

Highlights include:

  • Leaderboards are now functional, creating some cool ways to measure how you stack up to other online painters (click left-most window in the main menu)
  • A good part of the tutorial is now in place (may not work with pre-existing saves)
  • A totally revamped UI!
  • You’ll also find a slew of quality-of-life upgrades and improvements to gallery mechanics

Head on over and explore for yourself! Thanks for checking in and please send us any feedback you have.

And On We Go!

Things have been moving along nicely. We’ve had a UI overhaul, the addition of leaderboards, a fine-tuning of how gallery mechanics work, along with many other tweaks. Also, the Steam page is *almost* up.

Sound effects are getting a complete overhaul currently, and should be implemented in a build quite soon.

Here is some pretty neat artwork to check out!

Until next time, happy painting!